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The Beggar Within and Without

A couple of years ago while conversing with my mum, I had a sudden realisation about myself. I’m not particularly good at ‘asking for things’ and I mostly do not have expectations of ‘receiving things’ either. I can say honestly, however, that I am a giver and that is perhaps the reason it took me […]

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Another Year Has Come

For a fact, 2015 is gone forever. It can not be bought, begged, coerced, threatened or ordered to come back (not by mere mortals anyway and frankly I can’t think of any reason why a “higher power” would bring it back, assuming the possibility even exists). I am thankful for lessons learned last year and […]

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Story! Story!

  Remember those amazing yellow buses we all loved to ride on or stand in when we wanted cheaper transport fare a few years back? Yeah, those luxurious and comfy molue buses with so much drama almost every trip. Well, I once heard a funny story about one particular trip, interested? It happened like this..

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Attention People! Have You Heard..?

  It goes without saying that a child’s foundation is extremely important so it’s best to start right by placing them in an environment conducive for their growth and development.

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Things Men Have Said to Me (Part 2)

  One fine evening, on my way back from Bible Study, someone happened to come across me at the city centre (somewhere in England). It was sometime after 10pm and I was in a very pleasant mood; you’ll probably attest to this. So, there I was, bouncing along happily, feeling an abundance of grace and […]

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Things Men Have Said to me (Part 1)

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, we talked about how men approach women sometimes and how it affects the audience they get, if any at all. This brought back memories of some of the things I have been told over the years and I decided to share some of them. From ……. […]

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The Issue of the Ex!

I recently came a across a post online that got me thinking. It was about dating, in particular dating the ex of a friend. This apparently is taboo. Hmmm… Why though?

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Some of My Favourite Anime (Completed)

It’s been a long time coming, but please, bear with me fellow and wanna-be otakus. Putting this post together has been tougher than I imagined but I hope you’ll enjoy it. I have seen a lot of anime , still not nearly enough, and I am going to share some of my absolute favourites so […]

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eBook Review: The Duogla Stones (Dwarves of Getallumane Book 1)

Author: Michael Emert Genre: Fantasy Pages: 34 Publication Date: 24 April, 2015 Price: £0.99 / =N=308 The story revolves around a dwarf called Blimda Futhwag, a duogla stone harvester, the best, who badly wants to become a miner. However, an injury resulting from the marsh he works in (work hazard) and a close call with […]

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Let me tell you about Mumsi

My mum and I get along great. In fact, if you heard me speaking with her on the phone you might think I was conversing with my boyfriend. In the spirit of this wonderful relationship, I have confidently typed up this post with the assurance that I won’t be needing new prescription glasses any time […]

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