Morolawun's Bucket ListA bucket list need not be a scary concept. True, it’s a list of things we want to do before we exit this plane and it may seem impossible to achieve everything on it. Nevertheless, I think it’s a great idea to create one; we only get one shot at this thing called life (unless you believe in reincarnation of course-if that even counts).

Sometimes we have to-do lists and check-lists that we use daily or weekly to function more efficiently. Often times though, they are geared towards specific aspects of our lives like work, chores and or school. A bucket list on the other hand isn’t set within a fixed context. You can choose to do anything no matter how unrealistic or mundane it may seem. The sky truly is the limit with one.

We all have things we want to do, hope to achieve and places we want to visit. I honestly believe that everyone has a bucket list, written or not.  You can write out yours too, what can it hurt, eh? You never know if you don’t try. You may surprise yourself and something cool may just come of it. If you’re having a hard time creating yours, this may be a good place to start. 

Here’s mine in no particular order. I’ll be adding to it and checking things off in time. I’ll definitely be posting about my experiences…

I want to:

  1. go bungee jumping. Quite daring seeing as I have a fear of heights. At least it’s not as scary as skydiving, I think. 
  2. fly a kite
  3. fly in a hot air balloon
  4. visit all the continents of the world; been to three
  5. fall in love
  6. buy a new car
  7. go on a safari
  8. volunteer for a cause I love
  9. read the entire Bible
  10. visit Broadway Theatre
  11. read a book outside my usual genre
  12. go to the opera
  13. get the perfect beach body…ha!
  14. visit Disneyland
  15. attend a show at comic con  (visited Comic Con Lagos2017)
  16. take a trip to Hollywood, visit the famous boulevard and walk of fame
  17. visit Stonehenge
  18. put together a photo album of pictures I take: in the works
  19. learn to ride a bicycle (real sad that I can’t)
  20. take a bird’s eye view photo
  21. go on a helicopter ride
  22. learn Spanish and French, heck, Japanese too; on-going
  23. get a Phd
  24. grow my hair to my waist
  25. work with my degree (in my field of study)
  26. surprise someone
  27. pay it forward
  28. sing to an audience
  29. stargaze
  30. write a book
  31. have a spa day with friends
  32. learn to play the guitar
  33. learn martial arts/ self defence
  34. go on a road trip
  35. get featured in the media for something I’m proud of
  36. sleep in a tree house
  37. go on a yacht
  38. practice yoga
  39. fly first class
  40. drive a rented car in a foreign country
  41. be baptised by immersion
  42. join a unit in church
  43. meet up with my friends from graduate school
  44. earn more than I spend
  45. own and wear clothes and accessories by Nigerian designers
  46. visit the Vatican
  47. have a compilation of awesome quotes
  48. own a dslr camera
  49. own at least a pair of Louboutin shoes
  50. gift family and friends more
  51. attend a fashion show..maybe take part (not sure about that one)
  52. have my hair styled by a celebrity stylist
  53. wear designer shoes                                                                                     
  54. watch Kingsman: The Secret Service
  55. finish watching ‘The good, The bad and The ugly
  56. build up an awesome personal library; in process
  57. own more books by Ted Dekker
  58. visit some of the most amazing libraries in the world
  59. go wine tasting
  60. Attend my own wedding…..yea, crazy right?
  61. wear brightly coloured shoes at my wedding 🙂
  62. go on vacation with my girlfriends;spouses are welcome :p
  63. go on vacation with my family
  64. register a business name
  65. visit Qatar again
  66. buy more photography gear
  67. become a professional Photographer
  68. buy Chosen by Ted Dekker
  69. read all 4 books in the Chosen series
  70. read all books in the GOT series
  71. attend a book reading
  72. grow my book club following
  73. get my own complimentary cards
  74. have a business logo designed
  75. trademark my brand
  76. revamp and update my blog