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The Anatomy of a Breakup

So your heart would always skip a beat, anytime you see the Car Brand; similar head shape; hear the phone ring; get up in the morning to start the day; or as you log into your social network page.

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All About Dating: (One guy’s perspective)

What do I think of dating?  Well, I think the whole system is set up for failure! I think this so much, that any successful relationship to me is at best a miracle and at worst, being held together by […]

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The Issue of the Ex!

I recently came a across a post online that got me thinking. It was about dating, in particular dating the ex of a friend. This apparently is taboo. Hmmm… Why though?

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Let me tell you about Mumsi

My mum and I get along great. In fact, if you heard me speaking with her on the phone you might think I was conversing with my boyfriend. In the spirit of this wonderful relationship, I have confidently typed up […]

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Gentleman or Nah..?

Recently, I witnessed something at the office. I happened to be standing by the window, which is the only place I can get any reception on my mi-fi, when I noticed a guard guiding a supposed client into a parking […]

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Would You tell on a Cheater?

Would You tell on a Cheater? - Morolawun Akinsola

I’m sure that a lot of people, like me, have wondered at some point why people cheat. And I do not mean cheating in tests but on people with whom they’re having a romantic relationship. There is nothing pleasant about […]

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