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Let me tell you about Mumsi

My mum and I get along great. In fact, if you heard me speaking with her on the phone you might think I was conversing with my boyfriend. In the spirit of this wonderful relationship, I have confidently typed up this post with the assurance that I won’t be needing new prescription glasses any time soon! (Or a trip to the dentist’s).

You see, my mum sometimes does and says things that make me want to pull my hair out or roll on the floor laughing..

Scenario 1

It’s around 8:00 pm and I step out of my room. Mum is watching Tv

Me: Mumsi, are you hungry?
Mum: No
Me: are you sure? I want to make myself something. Se you don't need anything?
Mum: Don't worry, I'm fine
Me: ok  (I head to the kitchen)

About 20 minutes later, I’m back  with my plate of noodles..

Mum: ki l'o se? se indomie? ( what did you cook? is it indomie?)
Me: yes
Mum: ok oo

I’m happily preparing to eat my noodles but I can feel eyes boring into my head so I look up

Me: mumsi, what is it?

Silence. She’s looking at me with a funny expression

Me: e de s'oro (say something)
Mum: ti mo ba s'oro, o ma binu. Oju e n ba mi l'eru (you'll be mad if I speak. You countenance scares me)
Me: No, I won't be. What is it? ( I have a pretty good idea but my mind is rejecting it)
Mum: Oo le believe pe ebi n pa mi sa (You won't believe I'm hungry)
Me: (in my head..NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!)


Scenario 2

Me: mumsi, you know Bruce Jenner?
Mum: ta ni yen? (who is that?)
Me: that man married to Kim Kardashian's mum
Mum: ehn ehn, kilosele?
Me: he's no longer Bruce ooo, he's now Caitlyn
Mum: how come?
Me: he decided to become a woman
Mum: a woman?  woman? as in obinrin? (she's clearly perplexed)
Me: Exactimo
Mum: orisirisi (all sorts..)

A few days later, mum is talking with a friend of hers..

Mum's Friend: so many bad things are happening ehn, all these earthquakes. The world is surely coming to an end..
Mum: it's true oooo my sister, sure sign of the end times. Imagine that Bruce Jenner becoming a woman! 
Mum's Friend: who's Bruce Jenner?
Me: ........................................................

Scenario 3

Sometimes after watching Cheaters or The Jerry Springer show- her current favourites- my mum retires to bed immediately. On one such night around 11:00 pm..

Mum: I'm going to sleep, turn off the lights. Goodnight.
Me: ok, goodnight (I turn off all the lights)

About 45 minutes later, I decide to take a bath. When I step into my room (which is dark) a few minutes later, I nearly have a heart attack. My mum is lying down on my bed in a long, white outfit smiling at me. Why???

Mum: I wanted to scare you. (mission accomplished!)

Scenario 4

My brother and I are watching Ocean’s 11 when mum settles in beside us. After a while..

Mum: Is there no one else ko ni yen ni? (Isn't that 'Is there no one else'?)
Billz, Me: Yes. (We both know she's referring to Brad Pitt! Sorry Brad, not your sexiest nickname).
We've got each others backs!

We’ve got each others backs!

I love my mum to no end and I’m truly grateful for all the mentioned and unmentioned scenarios 🙂 . I enjoy hearing her sing Anita Baker songs and watching her dance to Kanda Bongo Man (don’t even get me started on this dude) 🙂 .

Feel free to share your own ‘mumsi’ stories or scenarios.

Cheers 🙂

14 thoughts on “Let me tell you about Mumsi”
  1. Ologe 25th July 2016 on 9:26 am Reply

    Very funny, it really cracked me up seriously !
    momo olu can really be a drama queen.

  2. Abide 29th October 2015 on 10:13 am Reply

    The indomie scenario was of the hook! couldnt stop laughing. nice one D.

  3. Linda Osuntade 29th September 2015 on 8:25 am Reply

    Omg you had me in tears. Hilarious and sweet… Linda’s Blog

  4. Oluwakorede 15th September 2015 on 9:35 pm Reply

    I can so relate…all I can see is my mum. And she’s so hilarious.

  5. Jibola Oyedeji 13th August 2015 on 8:42 am Reply

    Hmmm, Deola. These scenarios are rib cracking. It makes me conclude that descended directly from her in your energetic acts and ‘trouble making’. Great combo.

  6. Odai 9th August 2015 on 10:56 pm Reply

    I think that’s an amazing relationship.
    Loads of laughter.
    It’ll be nice if you could tell us about the things you do or say to make her pull her hair and or laugh next.

  7. Choc 14th July 2015 on 9:54 pm Reply

    I can relate dear. Very funny!!!! May God continually protect our mothers. Amen. They are priceless.

  8. mosky 30th June 2015 on 3:32 pm Reply

    Your conversation posts are always interesting. Still can’t place the picture of scenario 3 in my head though….you guys are real sisters.

  9. Nelo 25th June 2015 on 11:04 pm Reply

    Lol…very cool mum you’ve got! The indomie scenario really cracked me up! Lmao! I’d so love to meet her some day!

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