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¡Hola guapos! Black & White :)

I’m Morolawun Akinsola and I’m a Christian, amongst other things. This is not a Christian weblog, however, some of my opinions may be a direct reflection of my faith. As you can likely tell, I love Spanish. I can only speak a few words of it at the moment but I hope to change that soon. Of course, I hope I’ll be fluent in French and Japanese too but hey…a girl can always dream, eh?

My happy place

I love books- they take me to an amazing place. Every time I’m in a book store, I’m immediately humbled by all the knowledge around me waiting to be discovered and explored. I hope to own an awesome library someday; that’s most definitely on my bucket list.

Otaku is one of my middle names and I’ve read lots of manga and manhwa (in my humble opinion). I read everyday so I’m pretty consistent with them. I’m definitely into cartoons and animated movies; words can not describe how much I love these stuff. I sincerely believe watching them will keep me from ageing…right.

I am one of those people who gets told all the things I’m seemingly good at but somehow never gets to do anything with said abilities. After years of pondering (I kid you not) I finally decided that a weblog would be a good way of putting myself out there. You see, I’m not a risk taker (I know some may beg to differ). I like to know exactly what I’m getting myself into, you know, cover all the bases. Alas, life isn’t strictly black and white. There are more than a few grey areas and we need to take risks if we hope to break out of ‘the box’.

As such, this weblog is a big deal to me. It’s me doing something I normally avoid doing, if I can help it; sharing my thoughts…with some holds barred of course. On this platform I’ll be sharing all the things I love and issues that rouse my interest and curiosity. You’re welcome to tag along and hopefully find a thing or two that strum your strings.

20150516_183730I’ve never been normal..and I mean this in the best possible way (sue me, I’m a Taurus). Always been more of an eclectic person and by Jove I hope to stay that way for a while! This is me saying good bye to ‘why?’ and hello to ‘why not?’. Maybe it’s time you did too 🙂

I am Morolawun Adeola Olajumoke Akinsola, Welcome to my weblog!

PS: If you’ve got questions, suggestions or comments, you can contact me via e-mail at this address; hello@morolawunakinsola.me or on one of my social network pages as displayed at the bottom of the page. 

3 thoughts on “Morolawun”
  1. Ademola 30th May 2015 on 3:34 am Reply

    Exceptional choice of words.. you’ve got me stuck on weblog for a long time. Good job D

  2. Feyisayo 21st May 2015 on 8:33 am Reply

    Morolawun……………..Nice one.

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