The Beggar Within and Without

A couple of years ago while conversing with my mum, I had a sudden realisation about myself. I’m not particularly good at ‘asking for things’ and I mostly do not have expectations of ‘receiving things’ either. I can say honestly, however, that I am a giver and that is perhaps the reason it took me a while to come to that understanding about myself. As any true giver knows, there’s a sense of joy that comes from giving. You don’t have to be forced and hardly ever need to be coerced, it comes naturally.. and is often abused.   Continue reading The Beggar Within and Without

Another Year Has Come

Morolawun courtesy AKT
Morolawun courtesy AKT

For a fact, 2015 is gone forever. It can not be bought, begged, coerced, threatened or ordered to come back (not by mere mortals anyway and frankly I can’t think of any reason why a “higher power” would bring it back, assuming the possibility even exists). I am thankful for lessons learned last year and for old and new friendships. That said, if you’ve got any unfinished business with 2015, I’d say it’s time to let go and take over 2016. I certainly plan to do just that. Continue reading Another Year Has Come

Building your Network


When my dear friend and hair look alike mentioned that she would like me to do a blog post, I was a bit nervous because I really didn’t know what to write about. I like writing don’t get me wrong, but what to write could also be an issue sometimes. So I thought to myself, what am I passionate about? And then I got the light bulb moment; career development of course! Continue reading Building your Network

Things Men Have Said to Me (Part 2)


Morolawun courtesy AKT
Morolawun courtesy AKT

One fine evening, on my way back from Bible Study, someone happened to come across me at the city centre (somewhere in England). It was sometime after 10pm and I was in a very pleasant mood; you’ll probably attest to this. So, there I was, bouncing along happily, feeling an abundance of grace and love after reciting 2 Corinthians 13:14 when this dude calls out to me:

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Things Men Have Said to me (Part 1)

Morolawun courtesy @mr_akt
Morolawun courtesy AKT

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, we talked about how men approach women sometimes and how it affects the audience they get, if any at all. This brought back memories of some of the things I have been told over the years and I decided to share some of them. From ……. pick up  lines to…… expectations (I’ll let you decide what adjectives to qualify them with after reading)Sarcastic smile

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All About Dating: (One guy’s perspective)

What do I think of dating? 20150607_180455

Well, I think the whole system is set up for failure! I think this so much, that any successful relationship to me is at best a miracle and at worst, being held together by a thin thread on the verge of breaking!

But wait! Hol’up!×2. Such a grim view? What happened to you as a young child to leave you so bitter? Well, since you were so kind to ask, albeit sarcastically, I’ll be gracious enough to answer. Continue reading All About Dating: (One guy’s perspective)