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Some of My Favourite Anime (Completed)

It’s been a long time coming, but please, bear with me fellow and wanna-be otakus. Putting this post together has been tougher than I imagined but I hope you’ll enjoy it. I have seen a lot of anime , still […]

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eBook Review: The Duogla Stones (Dwarves of Getallumane Book 1)

Author: Michael Emert Genre: Fantasy Pages: 34 Publication Date: 24 April, 2015 Price: £0.99 / =N=308 The story revolves around a dwarf called Blimda Futhwag, a duogla stone harvester, the best, who badly wants to become a miner. However, an […]

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Let me tell you about Mumsi

My mum and I get along great. In fact, if you heard me speaking with her on the phone you might think I was conversing with my boyfriend. In the spirit of this wonderful relationship, I have confidently typed up […]

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Road Rage!

While going through my news feed on Facebook, I came across the following post by OluwaTea Oluwaleye: “Sitting on my own, enjoying lekki traffic (very unusual of me) after service this afternoon, I witnessed something that blew my mind, made […]

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Gentleman or Nah..?

Recently, I witnessed something at the office. I happened to be standing by the window, which is the only place I can get any reception on my mi-fi, when I noticed a guard guiding a supposed client into a parking […]

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Would You tell on a Cheater?

Would You tell on a Cheater? - Morolawun Akinsola

I’m sure that a lot of people, like me, have wondered at some point why people cheat. And I do not mean cheating in tests but on people with whom they’re having a romantic relationship. There is nothing pleasant about […]

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Weird Convo at the Office

At work today, my colleagues and I got into a funny conversation about reincarnation. It’s just like us to discuss weird stuff and today was no different. A client of ours even chipped in after a while.  It was an […]

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