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The Cool New Way to Chat

Hello there.

I thought it’d be nice to share a chat I had with my friend tonight. I hope you enjoy reading (if you can!) 🙂  Please, read from left to right.






I hope you had fun reading this as much as I did posting. Let’s chat more in our native languages. If nothing else, it makes mundane topics a bit more fun.

2 thoughts on “The Cool New Way to Chat”
  1. Bunmi 27th June 2016 on 3:58 am Reply

    Oh my!!!! It felt like I was reading a yoruba novel, lol. You guys are really good. Mo gbadun re gan. MI ko lero wipe mo ma le ka gbogbo akosile yin, o se mi ni kayefi wipe mo ri ka. E ku ise na, Oluwa a tun bo ma fun yin ni imo ATI oye.
    Keep it up

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