All Tribes Matter

Sometime in February, my colleagues and I were en route an event and as often happens on a bus, several conversations were ongoing. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the one happening closest to me but eventually, bits and pieces made their way into my consciousness. Somehow, an argument of sorts had broken out over ethnicity in Nigeria.

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Welcome to 2018!

Hello and Happy New Year. We’re already 7 days into 2018, wow! I hope the first week of the year has been good to you and yours. Like many people, I was in church today to give thanks to God for His grace and manifold mercies. The way I see it, there’s a whole lot to be thankful for no matter what we see on the news everyday.

This is the time of year when many people write their goals and make resolutions for the year. If you’re yet to write yours, don’t feel badly about it. Think deeply about what you want and when you’re sure of it, write it down and outline how you hope to achieve it. Writing goals is one thing, you need to determine the means of reaching them. It may also be helpful to review the past year.

2017 was a year of discovery of sorts for me. Looking back and thinking of what I’ve learnt, I hope to improve my character and make better decisions daily. I hope these lessons will be helpful to someone.

  • It is alright to be self sufficient. It is also alright to need help. Don’t beat yourself up over the things you have failed to achieve. Determine to do better and consistently work towards your goal. Remember what God says in Jeremiah 29:11.
  • The people you expect to be there for you sometimes won’t be. You may just get support from the people you least expect to. Keep an open mind.
  • You are not alone. While you may see yourself as underachieved and what not, there are probably more people in your circle with similar thoughts about themselves than you may imagine. Give yourself a break, move on and work smarter.
  • Anger is very destructive. Knowing this and acting on the knowledge are quite different. Read Proverbs 29:11
  • Save some of your earnings, I’d say 10% monthly at the very least. You’ll be better for it. (I would know, I’m dreadful at saving).
  • Treat everyone with respect. It won’t kill you (Surely, not I hope).
  • Not everyone will like you or believe in you and that’s alright. You have to love yourself and surround yourself with people who love and believe in you. The best example is in John 3:16.
  • Your time is not for everyone. Be careful how you spend it. Consider what the Bible says in Ephesians 5: 15-17.
  • The mind is very powerful. It is the place where ideas emerge and are formed. The things you fill your mind with are very important. Consider what is written in Proverbs 4:23.
  • Read, read and read some more. There is no such thing as too many books! If you’re not into fiction, opt for books that cover your interests. If you’re a Christian, read the Bible. 

I have important aspirations this year and I’ll be doing my very best to achieve them. Hopefully, this will be our best year yet. It may be wise to have people who will help you stay true to your goals and keep you accountable.

I look forward to blogging more consistently, growing my book club and improving on my photography. Whatever your dreams, it’s time to do something. Just go for it.  Feel free to post some of your goals in the comments section and lessons you learnt in the past year.

I wish you all the very best in 2018!









The Bully at Work

Image courtesy Funmi Kehinde 

Bully /ˈbʊli/
(Noun): someone who hurts or frightens someone who is smaller or less powerful, often forcing them to do something that they do not want to do .
Synonyms: persecutor, 
oppressor, tyrant, tormentor, browbeater, intimidator, coercer, subjugator, scourge
Cambridge Dictionary

I’ve often said that some of the problems we have in Nigeria are a result of people’s bad attitudes and mentality. A lot of times, we have very poor reactions to bad situations and afterwards, bad responses becomes the norm.  Continue reading The Bully at Work

30 Days In

One Lagos Fiesta 2016 – Back, Better and Bolder!


Hey there; I hope December is treating you very well. There’s a lot to look forward to this month and if you missed the maiden edition of The Lagos Street Party (TLSP), there’s still a lot of fun to be had. I was at the Lagos House, Ikeja on Thursday, 11th December, 2016 for the press briefing on One Lagos Fiesta 2016. I am one of the social media partners and as such will be posting updates about it on my social media pages. We were addressed  first by Mr Steve Ayorinde, the Honourable Commissioner for Information, Lagos State who gave an overview of the programme and subsequently by Hon. Adebimpe Akinsola,  Special Adviser to the Governor on Arts & Culture/Acting Commissioner for Tourism, Arts & Culture and Mr. Obafela Bank-Olemoh, Special Adviser to the Governor on Education, the Co-chairs of the One Lagos Fiesta Committee. Continue reading One Lagos Fiesta 2016 – Back, Better and Bolder!

It Started With a Conversation (Part 1)


Morolawun courtesy mr_akt

One day, while in my final year of secondary school, my friends and I were chatting and somehow the conversation led us to share some of the ‘bad’ experiences we’d had with guys. When Ada was in elementary school, an ‘uncle’ in the compound where she lived had attempted to get her into his room; the reason is best known to him but we can hazard a guess since Ada was what we often call ‘an early bloomer’. She resisted,  managed to escape his grip and proceeded to report to her mother who raised hell. I don’t quite remember what happened to him afterwards according to her story.  Continue reading It Started With a Conversation (Part 1)

So You Think You Can Drive

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Image source: The Real Gist

I have realised that I’m verbally at my worst when I’m commuting.  In truth, a lot of things tend to get on my nerves in Lagos and driving is right up there on my list. I find that my father’s words to me as a child have come in very handy. He said, “when you’re driving, assume everyone else is a madman”. Of course, I took that to mean he was referring to every other driver but I’ve come to realise, as some of you may agree, that there are some pretty crazy pedestrians out there. Let’s not even get into motorcyclists and rickshaw drivers. Continue reading So You Think You Can Drive

eBook Review: Forbidden Friendships


Author: Joshua D. Jones

Genre: Christian

Pages: 186

Publication Date: 22nd July, 2015

Price: $7.05 / =N=1404.78


This is a book that I have been very happy to read. To be clear,  I got a free e-copy of this book so I could do a review and it has been an enlightening experience. I initially hoped to put up my review within two weeks of receiving my copy but that thought changed when I began to read and I’ll explain why. I must say now that I believe you should read this book. Yes, you!  Continue reading eBook Review: Forbidden Friendships