Hello there and welcome to ACCA!

This page is dedicated to Anime, Cartoons, Comics ( including manga, manhwa…) and Animated movies.  I enjoy them all (maybe a little too much) and would love to connect with others who share my interest.  I may delve into games from time to time but truth be told, I’m not much of a gamer.  Give me Street fighter, Mortal  Kombat and the likes and voilà, you’ve got my attention.  It’s hard to interest me in any others save some board games and cards.

Like a lot of people I have preferences - that said, I mainly avoid pornographic and horrific (yes, horrific) genres. Action and fantasy? Count me in☺. I'm not averse to love stories either; I am a romantic at heart. If you think I developed an interest in Japanese due to my love for anime..you're absolutely right.

I’ll be posting about what I’m currently watching and reading so look out for those. You’re welcome to explore with me as I check out old, new and ongoing series and movies. I look forward to that.

Let’s have fun with it!