While going through my news feed on Facebook, I came across the following post by OluwaTea Oluwaleye:

“Sitting on my own, enjoying lekki traffic (very unusual of me) after service this afternoon, I witnessed something that blew my mind, made me have a rethink and certainly by God’s Grace would affect my reactions from now henceforth.Two vehicles… A corolla and a Nissan jeep. Mr. Nissan scratched (very little faa! I couldn’t even see the scratch from where I was seated) Mr. Corolla. Mr. Corolla came down expecting Mr. Nissan to at least have a look. My Nissan guy didn’t move an inch…enjoying his AC. Next thing, the two vehicles sped pass my vehicle, only to stop a few meters away because of the traffic. Mr. Corolla got off again. This time now angry cos he felt… whatever he felt! Coming down, Mr. Nissan didn’t move an inch out of his vehicle. Mr. Corolla then smashed his side mirror. Na so the glue that was under Mr. Nissan’s seat became impotent o. He got down from his vehicle, headed straight to his boot, took out his jack, headed straight to Mr. Corolla’s windscreen and BOOM! He smashed it!!! Mr. Corolla upon seeing this, headed to his own boot, took out his own jack, this time not only smashing Mr. Nissan’s windscreen but also the windows. And so, THE SMASHING COMPETITION BEGAN!!! My heart wept at this instance cos both Mr. Corolla and Mr. Nissan had women in the passenger’s seat. I’m safe to assume them as their wives. Now, Mrs. Corolla began screaming that she had a baby at the back seat. Mr. Nissan in a second opened the back door, took out the baby (approx. a year old) with his other hand, glass all over the baby’s head, handed the baby to her mother, closed the door and continued smashing!!! Father have Mercy!!! What kind of Lekki traffic is this?!! And so, we passed the scene of the incident. These questions have been laid upon my heart first to answer and then to get as many people as possible to at least take a minute to reflect on them: How much do we value the resources God has given to us? How eager are we to let our feelings get the worst out of us? How do we value the words of those who God has placed in our lives when we all get drenched in emotions? I can only say Father Help me. Father help us!!!”

I’ve had my share of annoying moments on the road (who hasn’t?) but this here is totally crazy! What’s your take on it? Have you got any similar stories to share?