EXI recently came a across a post online that got me thinking. It was about dating, in particular dating the ex of a friend. This apparently is taboo. Hmmm… Why though?
I understand that it’s obviously not pleasant in certain cases especially when you’re still in love (or like, like-like) or if there was physical and or verbal abuse during the course of the relationship.

Of course, there are several scenarios and reasons that can well show just how much of a bad idea it may be. The timing could be a factor, the level of closeness between friends, residual feelings of love and hate… Barring these though, what specifically makes it wrong? Almost everyone has an ex and not all relationships end on a bitter not or with hard feelings.  A lot of people have made mistakes in relationships as a result of immaturity and it’s not fair to hold them to it indefinitely, especially if they own up to it.

Let’s say you guys have been broken up for a couple of years, not on bad terms but not very friendly either. Then you find out that your friend has developed feelings for your ex (maybe they met somewhere…whatever the case), would you be very upset, especially if your friend chooses to act on those feelings? I have never experienced this, so as much as I may understand the sense of betrayal that often comes with dating a friend’s ex, I can not honestly relate to it. The way I see it, someone else is willing to take what you may have refused to (assuming your ex has not changed; this is relative) or put up with what you could not endure. It’s now their cross and they should bear it. Besides, they might be a good fit.

Are there really no circumstances under which it is alright to date the ex of a friend? Let me know what you think and share your experiences in the comments section 🙂 .